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F18 - Pro Clubs

Discussion in 'FIFA' started by Flame Veil, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. Couldn't see a discussion thread for Pro Clubs on FIFA 18 so thought I'd set one up. Does anybody on here play Pro Clubs? I've got a Pro but only played a handful of games, not very good at the game mode to be fair but been trying to make more of a stab at it this year than I have in previous titles.

    Maybe we could set up a VGF club up if there isn't already one?
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  2. Yeah m8 i play i aint played for a while if you want to start one count me in
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  3. why dont some of you @VGFIFA League guys make a team up between youselfs and have some pro games against the VGF Admins and Moderators.

    We will take on a challenge from any team, not sure we would win but it could give you a chance to get one over on us..............or will you

    Current VGF Admin / Mod team that could play

    @Eaglewolfenstein (if he stops being a girly pants :finger:)
  4. Yeah okay sounds good to me. Would anyone else be interested in joining? So far there's two of us.

    @skankin What position do you like to normally play?
  5. I normally play st or cam
  6. Are you crossing over to our side and helping us defeat the admins and mods, Wolf? ;)

    Okay that's fine, well there's only 2 of us so far so anywhere's yours. I normally like to play a deep position anyway.
  7. I think it’s only fair that I should help from the inside and partake as an admin......lol
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  8. Alright so three of us. We need two more and then it's an even 5v5. Any takers?
  9. I’m up for it
  10. Now we’re talking, come on let’s drum up some trade.
  11. I’ll join in guys if this is still happening

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  12. What’s happening with this?
  13. Hopefully we can get something sorted for this Friday if people are about
  14. Yep. Sorry guys, have neglected to check this thread. My Pro is still very much at the start so I need to get him up in Drop-In Matches...but I can create a club tonight and invite you guys in and we'll get the game on the way?
  15. Think couple not on tonight or tomorrow. We can pencil in for Sunday evening or next week to give you guys a chance to practice together.
  16. Next week would be better, certainly. I'll set the club up and message those involved to see when we can get some practice in together.
  17. Agree with @flameveil I need to get my pro up to scratch

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  18. Hi
    Im in
    got a RM
  19. Cool. Will be looking to get this going this weekend, will have a talk with the mod team tonight and get somthing posted up tomorrow and tag everyone in
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