Elder Scrolls Online (MMO)


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Shadow Weaver said:
Finances have taken a hit lately, so have had to but the PC on the back burner for the time being.
Sorry to hear that mate, if you end up getting one when moneys a bit better I've got a 1gb hd6870 here I'm not using you can have for the price of postage as its just doing nothing and its a pretty capable card, thanks for posting about elder scrolls as well mate :thumb:


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Elder scrolls online is subscription based ($15 per month).
Plus it has a full retail price.

Suddenly my interest has gone :(


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Wow. Paying full price for a game and then a monthly fee on top seems harsh. I guess it's the popularity of the franchise that gets the people paying.

Plenty of other stuff to play thankfully, I'm out.


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Sherlock said:
Welcome to the future of gaming?
Nah loads of MMO's have gone retail as it usually gives you so many months free so in actual fact it works out about the same if you was to pick it up free and pay per month. It will go Fremium in no time once the numbers start to drop, they always do.

I'd love this game to be the MMO that will suck me in and keep me hooked but the truth is nothing has since DAoC, WoW and not sure I can do the grind anymore. As far as MMO's go I'm holding out for some better controls and classes in Ultima Forever on the IOS, and interested in the possible successor to DAoC, Camelot Unchained.


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Could be worse, just take a look at Disney Infinity and how much its going to rip from parents wallets.


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I'm back playing ESO on PC for a bit as it's gone free to play now. Huge world, lots to do a year on!


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Good game! Fun and dynamic gameplay.

Shame about the lack of voice chat though o_O

But yeah, I've enjoyed it.