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Counter Strike Thread

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by VillanUK, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. Just to kick off a thread about it, its 50% off this weekend. £5.99, if you purchase it.

  2. Downloading now :D
  3. Counter Strike was the first FPS game I played online, quite fond memories of 1.6

    Too bad I'm certainly terrible at it now.

    Happy gaming!
  4. Anyone on here got this?

    I have been watching quite a few vids and the game looks really fun. The problem is I am rubbish. I would like to learn the game alongside someone, or at least have someone share the pain as I learn. Anyone up for it?

  5. I believe crumpets got it. Sure I saw him on my activity list buy it

    No good for me, you need kb/mouse to be able to stand against the rest and I'm pad only
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  6. Love GO!

    Addictive! I'm not a very competitive player though so I tend to just play on community maps against bots... yeah sounds lame I know but it's great fun and really good for unwinding :)

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