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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Sherlock, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. Just about to start into a new game(s) (Dragon Age for the wife, AC:Unity for me) and was wondering what you all use for a games controller. For these style of games, I'm pretty used to a controller, so I'm thinking about picking one up. Anyone have any recs? Thanks.
  2. Well I use the DS4 you just need to download some drivers it worked fine on Titanfall for me but you can pick up and xbox one for £40 now
  3. Yeah I was reading about the DS4. Considering giving that a try now that you said it worked. I had read something about it but it seemed like whoever was using it devised a fix that required you to reboot the computer every use. Where do you get the drivers?
  4. Has to be an XBOX 360 controller (PC compatible version) hands down. Most games that are controller configurable will have the correct mappings and onscreen button images for 360 controller especially if the game also saw a console release. The synergy between Windows gaming and the 360 controller is strong and just makes more sense, plus if you do have the console you can use it on that too.
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  5. Think that about does it. I'll pick one up.

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