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Capcom Street Fighter Competition - interest thread

Discussion in 'Fighting Games' started by Hooblue, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Ok guys, we're thinking of running a fighting game based tournament. I've had a word with the people at work, and Capcom are happy to be associated with this, and will even help out in terms of promotion and giving us some prizes (not sure what yet though). :thumbsup:

    Before we post up anything official, I thought it would be worth finding out what interest we'd have from people here. Obviously it would also be open to any new members as we'd hope that this would get some interest in VGF elsewhere. We'd hopefully also be running some streams of the fights too.

    However before we put anything concrete together we need to decide on a few things. The competition would be in a knockout format I would have thought rather than a league (unless the general consensus differs). The big question we have to answer is what specific game we are going to choose to use for the tournament? Obviously it has to be a Capcom title. I think the preference for Capcom would be Streetfighter x Tekken as that's their latest release, however unless people are going to go out and buy it (£24.99 if you get it through from me if you're interested! :thumb up: :rotfl: ) I doubt we'll have enough people with that title to be able to do it, unless we are going to draw in lots of new people to take part.

    Anyway, if you're interested, could you stick your name down below, together with what SF title you have. The choices as far as I can see (the most recent SF titles) would be:

    Super Streetfighter 4
    Super Streetfighter 4: Arcade Edition
    Streetfighter x Tekken

    Once we have an idea as to how many people want to take part and what game we are going to choose, I can go back to the guys here and put a proposal to them.

    Cheers! :thumbsup:
  2. Hell yeah! I'm interested.

    I've got all version except for SFxT.
  3. I would be interested even though I have never played the game.

    I have Street Fighter 4.

    Just out of interest what the differance between 4 and 4 arcade
  4. Well you have SF4 (the original), then Super SF4 which has more characters and other slight changes, then SSF4: Arcade, which has a better online system and more characters. That's what I believe anyway.
  5. Ah ok, then Ill probs be out. No point of me buying one of the newer games for competition then to go out first round and never play game again. Happy to help with anything else though mate to get competition up and running.
  6. I got SF4 and SSF4. If it's one of those two, you may as well just send me the prizes now :lol:
  7. Hmmm, we'll see mate! :thumb up: *

    *by that comment I am in no way implying that it will be me, as I am proper shit at SF games, despite working for the company that makes them! :rotfl:
  8. I'm naff but well up for this.

    Feel free to sub me a copy of SFXT if you want as well Hoo... :p

    I've read quite good things about it tbf - seems to be a good game - liking the idea of 2vs2 - reminds me of SFEX3.
  9. We'll see about that mate :**** you:
  10. If it's the same release as what will be in the stores then I'll be very interested in buying a copy and taking part - I'll probably trade it in at a later date once I get bored :lol:

    Liking the idea of it being a Capcom associated competition too.
  11. I've got Super SF4 (SSF4) although I might as well throw in the towel now.
  12. I have Street Fighter 4 and Marvel v Capcom 2
  13. You mean Marvel v Capcom 3 mate?
  14. Yeah that's the one, shows how much attention I pay :)
  15. Baldy, not 100% sure how the lobby system works as to be honest it's been a while since I played SF. If we need a host (which I doubt) or if you can have spectators, it might be worth you having a copy so you could do some streaming etc. Sure I'll be able to lend you a copy for the duration of the tourney.
  16. I dont think you can have spectators if it the same as ususal fighting games. Usually you just log on against that person and you play it.

    Going to hard to find out results though as your going to have to trust people if you cannot have spectators. Might be best to ask people at work tomorrow Hoo how the multiplayer works.
  17. not sure how much detail this picks up but i remembered something about replays of matches when I had ssf4 had quick search and found this:

    http://www.capcom-unity.com/s-kill/blog ... de_update_

    here is the main section i am thinking about:
  18. so can we set up our own championship mode.
  19. For anyone who thinks they're hard enough to take me on.....

    #20 WolfCarnage, Mar 8, 2012
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