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Capcom Fight Club

Discussion in 'Fighting Games' started by Hooblue, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Ok chaps, just a quick heads up on an event that we're hosting. Every now and again we host 'Fight Club' events where lovers of the fighting genre can get together for abit of a ruck on Street Fighter and the other Capcom fighting titles.

    Well we have one scheduled for the end of August (27th I think but I'll confirm with the PR guys).

    Anyway it's being held at KO Gym in East London (Bethnal Green) and will be the first time playable demos of Street Fighter X Tekken have been available in the UK. Other fighting games like Marvel vs Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter 4:Arcade Edition and Final Fight will also be available to play. And to top it off Ono-san (the producer of SSF) will also be over from Japan to attend.

    They'll be freebies on offer like t-shirts etc as well as grub I'd imagine.

    It lasts all day and invites aren't needed. However it'll be on a rolling basis so you'll be allowed in to play for a while then will have to queue again so that everyone gets a chance to play.

    I'll post more details when I get them but feel free to come along and try your luck. Should be a great day if you're in the area and like fighting games. :thumbsup:
  2. It's stuff like this that sometimes makes me wish I didn't live in God's own county.

    I wonder if I could just say to the missus, "Just pooping out on the bike for a blast, be back soon"

    Some how I think it wouldn't swing.
  3. :lol: Sorry mate! Maybe we could do a mobile one round your way!

    If you like fighting games it'd certainly be worth a visit.

    Oh, and forgot to mention that NamcoBandi are also interested in co-hosting (although nothing official yet) so may well be a chance that there'll be some of their titles available too like Tekken.
  4. Mmm I like the sound of this are you going Jimbo?
  5. I do quite like my fighting games. More so the games that take me back to playing Target Renegade and Double Dragon.
    Final Fight on the SNES is still one of my all time favourites.
  6. Possibly mate yeah. Maybe we could organise a day in the smoke? Wives shopping and us fighting? :rotfl:

    If anyone else fancies going just give me a shout. I'll stick up more details when I get them.

  7. :?
  8. My missus picked me up a copy of Marvel Vs Capcom 3 today out of Morrisons for a fiver. Now I just need to get home to play it. Me and the boy can have some fun on this, I think he may want to be Wolverine. :D
  9. Carnage, why did you buy it mate? Could of sent you a copy of Ultimate Marvel v Capcom 3 for nowt mate!

    I've got both do if you fancy some fight action give me a shout mate and I'll let your son batter me! :lol:
  10. Carnage, just for you mate...

    The next Capcom fight club is being held on Feb 4th at Iceni Warriors Gym, 132 King Street, Norwich!

    More details:

    "The next date of the Fight Club tour will be taking place on Saturday, 4th February 2012 in Norwich at Iceni Warriors Gym, 132 King Street.
    It’ll be a packed evening of the latest builds of Street Fighter x Tekken and Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, plus Street Fighter III: Third Strike and Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. Entry is free, and there will be free food and drink!
    We’ll have an awesome DJ playing amazing videogame-themed mash up music and everyone who attends can enter a free prize draw to win a Viewlix Arcade Cabinet converted to run PS3 games! There will also be the chance to win some amazing A3 sized art prints and if you give us you PSN/Gamer Tag you can get an exclusive title for your profile on Super Street Fighter IV!
    So save the date, mark your calendars and come and have a fight! Arrive early to avoid disappointment, there were huge numbers at the first Fight Club in London. Also due to the alcohol available this is for over 18s only.
    Head over to the FaceBook event page and FaceBook Tab for more info!
    Fight Club UK!
    Iceni Warriors
    132 King Street
    NR1 1QE
    19:30, 4th February 2012"

    Let me know if you fancy going as the guys that will be organising it are mates of mine.
  11. How awsome Is that! It couldn't work out out more perfectly.
    I'll be at the Footy that day so will finish up at about 17:00 (as long as it's not moved to stupid o'clock) and I can have a wander before going to the fightclub.

    I'll definately be going along to this Hoo, I assume I need to get their half hour early just to be sure to get in? Or can you put my name down on the door? Nudge nudge wink wink :)
  12. I'll have a word with Karl and Adam tomorrow mate as it'll no doubt be those guys that'll be organising it.

    I'd certainly get there earlyish as these events are usually quite popular. Not sure how entry works but I know usually it's first come first served. I'll find out the details and let you know mate.

    I'll stick some photos up of the last one as they are usually pretty good. The last one had break dancers etc there. I'd love to come along to this one mate but it's bad timing for me as its my nieces birthday that weekend so we're going to her bday party. Nevermind, next time.
  13. Carnage, here's a few pics from the last couple of Fight Clubs. First 4 are from the first one at KO Gym in London and the second 4 are from the joint Capcom/Namco Fight Club at Namco Station in London. I'll find out more details today and post up on here.



    SF series producer Ono-san. Total nutter!






  14. That producer dude was on PSN access a couple of weeks back, you're right he's mad as a box of frogs :lol:
  15. Looks good. I had a look at a YouTube clip of the NY one and there were lots of lovely ladies dressed as charactors. Wishful thinking?
  16. Maybe for the UK events mate yes! :rotfl: Ladies yes, dressed up, maybe not! I would imagine that it'll mainly be blokes though to be honest. However they are usually a good laugh, lots of gaming, food, drink, music and the break dancing lads. Shame I can't come really.

    Oh, and I've spoken to the guys here and he's going to put you on the guest list to make sure you get in. Drop me a reminder a few days before and I'll remind him to make sure it's done!
  17. No problems, just means no footy before hand. Special trip up the city but it looks worth it
  18. Carnage, you still planning on going to this? Let me know if yes and I'll try and make sure your name gets stuck on the door list. :thumbsup:
  19. Yup, still planning to go. Should be able to get down there for about 7ish and park quite close.

    Might upset the Missus a bit but hey ho.

    If you can get my name down then great :)

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