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Calling all TV buffs

Discussion in 'Film,TV & Music' started by -R6-, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. I'm after a 40 inch preferably 4K TV and been looking at the Panasonic ax630b but be tempted on other models that people have purchased or know are good.

    Now I know this does not have an internal hevc receiver to get 4k Netflix. However I'm not that overall that bothered about that, but what I am bothered about is having a 4k TV with no way to get 4k content internally. So would this mean not getting any 4k content internally in the future, such as other media services such as YouTube or other companies that bring out 4k viewing apps. Anyone know any that are coming out?

    The reason for looking at this TV was the fact it was 3D which is a factor in my choice as well as being 4k and can turn 2d content into 3D but comes with no glasses, would any Bluetooth ones work with it?

    Does this TV upscale most content to near 4k picture? Especially with it being 1200hz, as this is the one tv with one of the highest hz rating for a 40 inch 3d 4k TV.

    Also is there any release dates for any more 4k TVs for 2015 yet? Or maybe advise on any other models that could suit what I'm after.
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    Just copy and paste there stuff here.
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