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Buccs @ 49ers

Discussion in 'Regular Season: Week 3' started by Bartell, May 7, 2018.

  1. Hi @Kallax4 min vän

    After advance how are you fixed for our game? Its always fun to play against you sir :)
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  2. Haha hi my friend
    Working 24 hours today After that im free to play th, wed, thu
  3. @Kallax4 What times are you free on evenings over the next 3 days? Just I have some travel with work but will be able to fit the game in, I just need to find out when is best depending on your availability
  4. @Bartell im free from 7-8 UK time every evening next 3 days
    So i hope you can find a spot
  5. Excellent news @Kallax4 I'll try and get home and sorted to play tonight around 7pm if thats ok? I'll message you on the Telegram when I'm home and sorted if thats ok with you pal?
  6. Thats fine

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