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BT Broadband

Discussion in 'Gadgets/Tech' started by WolfCarnage, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Ive been with BT now for about three weeks. It's going well. My DL speed has been a constant 1.83mb which is as stable as a pack mule.

    Found out something on the BT website too, under my account settings I can see my monthly usage in a nive % and Bar chart.

    So far in 20 days I've used 12GB.

    I've got an allowance of 40GB

    Looking good sunshine. This is total broadband down a phone line by the way. Not your fancy fibre stuff.
  2. I have been with BT for just over a year (was with Talk Talk before) and apart from the odd DC at xmas/New Year I haven't had a problem with them. I get about 6d/l and .5u/l and a ping of about 60-70 which isn't too bad
  3. I am seriously considering changing my broadband away from Sky as their router simply cannot cope with 2 Xboxes in the same house, one of them won't even connect to the router anymore, it's doing my nut in!
  4. One thing I have noticed with the Home-hub 3 is that it shares the connection much more evenly. When ever I used to have my PS3 on using my Netgear router, nothing else would work. The PS3 used to hog the whole bandwidth and I'd get moaned at by the Mrs that she couldn't use her laptop/Pc etc. With the Home-hub I can use everything at once.
  5. Iv'e been with BT for about 2 weeks now and really like them, my speed it up from 5.5Mb to just shy of 7Mb and my ping is down to 35ms so all good
  6. Yeah I forgot about my ping. It's now a very steady 40ms which is a world away from what Virgin was. It was all over the place.
  7. I don't really grumble about my Sky "down the line" speed - 12mb down but a poor 0.6mb up with a nice 36ms ping.

    Should be watching the budget haha! They are talking about the broadband now. Pledging loads of money to it so we can play games online faster!

    The Conservative are concerned about the Brits getting beat on CoD!
  8. BT has just up speeded my line from 6.5megs to a solid 10megs and the difference is amazing.

  9. Just seen that BT are releasing their new BT Sports channels from 1st August.

    38 Prem matches including 18 'top picks'
    69 Prem rugby matches
    30 Scots Prem matches
    Plus other stuff.

    Also, if you have BT Broadband you can get the new channels fro FREE! Even if you have Sky TV. Just sign up and when the channels go live you can view them either via Sky TV, BT Vision of via the app or online player.


    :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  10. Wicked news about being able to watch it via the App, that's me sorted :thumbsup:
  11. Moving house in July and BT have told me that they don't have infinity in the city centre of Manchester. Anyone advise me which internet company has the best deal and connection speed for Manchester city centre

  12. Well I just found out off a neighbour behind me that they're getting BT Infinity. Now they live in the same village on a new housing estate that's just over my back fence. Yet they are on a fancy exchange just up the road and I'm on a crap one about 6 miles in the wrong direction. To day I'm a little annoyed that they'll be getting 40MB DL while I live 25 Metres away and get under 2mb is an understatement.
  13. Do u Live in Manchester as Well WC?
  14. Nope, down here in Norwich
  15. Ended up cancelling my BT infinity as BT dont have it um the Blackfriars Exchange... Although BT openreach website says it has... Sooooo i have gone back to sky and got a Sweet deal Inc. Sky TV and fiber optic bb. Shame as infinity was awesome
  16. If BT can't provide fibre optic due to it not being enabled in the exchange, how can Sky have it???? Confused............

    On a sperate note, my b'band is with Sky and I have an old black Sagem router. I live in a town house, and have the router connected to the phone socket in one of the bedrooms on the middle floor - this is where the PS3 used to be, but has now moved to another bedroom on the same floor. The wifi signal downstairs is shocking...constantly dropping out, The signal on the top floor is fine.

    I contacted Sky yesterday trying to blag a new router, so told them I'm not happy that my bill is increasing by £2.50 a month when I can't enjoy the full benefits i.e can't watch Sky Go becase of connection drop-outs etc etc. Anyway, used the 'Live chat' facility and some guy told me he can solve my problems by offering me the new router if I sign a 12 month contract. Told him I was happy to do this and he sent me a link to the offer. Opened said link and the offer wasn't there. His repsonse was "sometimes our offers change so if it's not there now then I can't offer it to you"!! Tosser.

    Anyway, looked in to the BT deals including their tv service and BT Sport....and it's just not up to much. I can't get fibre, and BT Sport only offer 38 EPL games. Not convinced on their tv service.

    Long and short of this is that it looks like I'm stuck with Sky and their shitty old router unless I want to pay £75 for it! Fook that. And before anyone suggests it, yes I have changed the wifi channel and have also got homeplugs....

    Rant over :)
  17. Indeed, both BT and Sky have their fiber BB provided by Openreach, so if one can provide it the other should be able to as well. Strange situation.

    Darren, can't you use a wi-fi repeater downstairs to extend the wireless range of your router? Might be an option?
  18. Quite possibly Hoobs....any idea what I need to look out for? More 'mbps' = better strength/range?
  19. I know... Tell me about it!! They really need to Buck their ideas up. Was playing 45 quid to them and now they have lost around 600 quid a year from me...

    Although i was with sky before and they didnt let me down so hopefully going back to them now wont be any issue..

    My internet closes this friday 19th and will be back up and running on the 31st

    The break will be good thou, Although withdrawal symptoms will prob luck in on the 2nd day haha
  20. Anyone try to log into the BT Sports yet?

    Have been trying to access the sports, but it says that I don't have BT sports on my account even though I signed up weeks ago. Nice launch BT.

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