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BoB private server

Discussion in 'Battlefield' started by housey72, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Hi guys. I've set up one of the BoB servers to hopefully run a little busier and for us all to join and escape the rediculous badmin abuse we are all experiencing. Please add it to your favorites list and tell your friends about it. I'm telling all my associated forums about it so I hope we can get it running more often.

    Server title: Metro & Noshahr 200%
    Map rotation (subject to change): TDM Noshahr, Conquest Metro, Caspian, Firestorm, Kharg, Bazaar, Monolith, Epicenter.

    I'll be trying to keep this server as busy as possible by tweaking it every now and then.

    Cheers guys. :)
  2. Cheers Housey. I'll be on tonight for a few games for sure.
  3. Please feel free to use the server whenever you like. Even if the server is empty and a few of you want a quiet game then by all means start the server running yourselves. It's set to start on the TDM match which I know alot of you enjoy.
  4. Slightly tweaked the server guys. Title is now 'Metro & Canals', to get better search results. Removed the Aftermath maps and added two RUSH matches. Ticket are now set to 100% (normal).
  5. Nice!!

    I got kicked from a server on the weekend for taking down a chopper that the server admin was flying. Im now gonna start a channel on youtube and post video evidence of all the admin abusers, will show what i was doing at the time of getting kicked, then show the server name and server admin. Then i'll email the link back to pussy admin!!
  6. Nice one. If I had the means to, I would be doing the same. It's got to a point now where I would rather sit in my private server practising on my own in a jet or something rather than chance joining friends in a dodgy server. Or i'll just find a DICE/EA one to play in.
    Please join me if you see me being a loner. :thumb:
  7. To all those concerned, the BoB platoon has been closed down on Battlelog. Most of us are in DDPC platoon if you wish to enrol. :)

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