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Black Friday Week 2014!

Discussion in 'The Bargain Bin' started by fozzeh, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. Shall we try and get a thread going where we can post up items of interest and Lightening Deals?!?!

    Obviously, Amazon do a nice pre-empt for everyone and they will get splashed on HUKD so let's get some which would be of interest for everyone!

    Mine is simple Game and there one! Goes live at midnight Thursday with loads of stores opening early. Lists for Friday are revealed on Thursday at 6pm...and I am pinning my hopes onto an amazing PS4 bundle to come into it!

    Online - announced 6pm 27/11/14, live midnight
    Instore - midnight opening for certain items at managers discretion, early openings for most
    Details - extremely hush hush. Just went in (Arndale) and they're opening at 6am. Doing a few things at midnight (Pokemon mainly) but the main rush is Friday morning. They're expecting stores to be very busy but do not know what will be in and what won't! One of the staff supposedly knows someone 'in the know' and they haven't been allowed to say anything. Big things expected? Considering the PS4 bundle price drops a month ago and the XB1 deal going live last week, I would really hope for a cracking PS4 bundle offer!
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  2. looking out for Skylanders: Trap Team on PS3 if any one spots a cheap one
  3. I'm after one possibly two TVs around 50" does haven't to be smart or 3d
  4. I would very much like dragon age I on ps4.
    Willing to pay 18 pounds, tops

    I'm very hopeful
  5. 2 tvs on offer tonight at 8pm mav

  6. Looking for a tv as well, I think Asda are announcing theirs tomorrow.

    Whats eveyones thoughts on LG TV's ?
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  7. From what I have read not as good as Sony or Panasonic, but in the end I think unless you are a right picky sod they are all pretty good nowadays.
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  8. Was hoping to pick up a PS4 this Christmas and take advantage of this weeks Black Friday deals. Think is, this console is mainly for my son who's 12 now and most of the bundles are for GTA5, Last of Us and Far Cry 4, all rated 18. He's mainly after Fifa 15 Ultimate edition, but no one bundles that version anymore. Shop-to did a few weeks back but thats now gone. Game have a really good deal at £349.99 for GTA5 and Last of Us, both don't want my son to play those games yet.

    Almost resigned myself to but a standalone machine and buy a new copy of Fifa 15 seprately on Ebay for around £30? Slighlty annoyed that all the bundles are for games that won't suit a 12 year old?

    Also, what's peoples opinion on getting a white one? knowing my son, the controller will be filthy after a few weeks and begin to turn yellow and stain badly.
  9. I wouldn't bother with the Ultimate edition of Fifa, the code expires soon (if I'm not mistaken) and the extra you'll pay for it won't be worth the packs you do get.

    As for the console, you can pick it up new for £300 on its own, maybe a little cheaper with a code or some shopping around. Alternatively, if you did get a bundle with GTA, you'll be able to sell it quite easily as its only just been released. I haven't seen the White ps4 in the flesh so no idea how it looks, but other than a bit of dust, my black one still looks fine and it's coming up to a year old.
  10. Get it with the 2 games, trade in straight away and buy games suitable for your lad.
  11. Thanks for the links I want a 55 for gaming but I think it will be out of my reach
  12. GAME have published which stores will have a midnight/early opening for Black Friday:

    Best of luck to anyone venturing out for Thursday Evening/Friday Morning!
  13. ASDA are having Black Friday deals running on Black Friday and also Saturday! They have a ton of great products up for grabs.
    There will definitely be some bargains to be had here!
    On Friday (28th Nov 2014):
    • Polaroid 40" LED TV (1080p HD)
    • Xbox 360 250GB with Halo 4 & Forza Horizon
    • Beats Solo Monochromatic (White, Red and Black)
    • Barbie Fantasy Castle
    • Hot Wheels Track Set
    • Call of Duty: Advanced Warefare (PS3 & Xbox 360)
    • Polaroid Tab 8 (Black & White)
    • Little Tikes Playhouse
    + More!
    Prices for the above products will be revealed tomorrow, this post will be updated when they are released.
    On Saturday (29th Nov 2014):
    • Polaroid 32" LED TV (720p HD)
    • Archos 70 7" Tablet
    • Xbox One with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Sunset Overdrive and a Xbox LIVE 3 month membership.
    • Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack (Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii & Tablets)
    • Nerf Hailfire
    • LG BP135 Blu-Ray Player
    • Black and Decker 18v Drill + Accessories
    • Little Tikes Cozy Coup
    + More!
    Prices for Saturday's products will be revealed on Black Friday. Again, this post will be updated when the prices are announced.
    • All items are available on a first come, first serve basis.
    • Starts at 8AM on both Friday & Saturday
    • In-Store only
    • Participating stores only
    • Max one per customer
  14. Midnight is for Pokemon only at mine...big sale starts in the morning. 6am for me!
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