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Best ever gig

Discussion in 'Film,TV & Music' started by Hooblue, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Ok, now we have our own music section I thought we should have a few more music related threads.

    So, what's the best or favourite gig youve ever been to? Could have been a massive stadium type thing or a local gig by a small band. Who was it, where and what made it so special?

    The best gig I've ever been to was probably involving my favourite band, Massive Attack. It was at the Birmingham Apollo about 3 years ago. They were being supported by Spirtitualized too they they were awesome. Then Massive Attack came out and absolutely tore the place up. Lots of special guests too, mainly the Wild Bunch guys. First gig I ever went to with the Mrs too.

    Only bad thing was nearly getting mugged by a group of chavs on the walk back to the car park. Good job I was alot bigger than them! :thumb up:

    Other notable gigs I've been to were The Prodigy while at Uni, as well as Keane at the O2 and Faithless at the Brum NEC.
  2. Massive Attack, probably one of the few remaining artists I still want but am yet to see.

    Best gig for me - Plan B.

    Late 2006 in a shit club in Sheffield. Support was Example and Professor Green (both just starting out pretty much, had just been picked up by Mike Skinner for his own label, both had a very different sound compared to how you hear them in the charts today) no one else knew who they were.

    SO yeah, back when he was a proper rapper, around the time of his (very slept-on) first album.

    People say what you want about Plan B, but god damn he can SING!!!

    Probably one of the best live singers I've ever heard.
  3. Very close for me between The Killers at The LG Arena and The Prodigy last year at MK Bowl. Prodigy had the best support (Chase & Status, Pendulum & Zane Lowe did a DJ set).
    But I a have high hopes that the best is yet to come as I am going to see The Specials at Alexandra Palace in a month.
  4. Llotd Banks at the Indigo o2.

    Was waiting for him to come to the UK since ever, he got a date I went, met the man and it was my best day ever lol :rotfl:
  5. I've seen The Prodigy twice now. Once just after they released The Experience at a local nightclub when I was about 16 and then just after they released Fat of the Land at my uni. Having them play a full set on a union with only 1500 people in it was simple awesome. The atmosphere was unreal and Keith was crowd surfing too. They were all sat outside after the gig having a smoke so we had a chat with them. Sound guys too.

    I bloody love them but Tracy can't stand them.
  6. Saw them at Global Gathering in 2010 ( i think it was that year)

    didn't take much of it in though, too busy trying to act not smashed so I could get the contacts of the some girls in the front row.

    Epic Fail!
  7. That sounds awesome mate. We stood right at the back of MK Bowl and to see 80,000 people going mental to 'Smack My Bitch Up' is something I will never forget.
  8. Jamie T @ Brixton academy was absolutely mental :thumbsup:
  9. Black Sabbath - NEC can't remember the year but it was the original line up
    Foo Fighters - Manchester Apollo - Dave Grohl had a slight fight with a security guard :D
  10. I've quite an eclectic taste in music, so I've been to all sorts over the years. Highlights include Rancid, Muse, Arctic Monkeys. Best ever gig has to be Slipknot though, it was effing insane.

    Going to see Kasabian in November, and Rammstein next year! :thumb:
  11. Half day at work today as going to see The Specials at Ally Pally tonight :thumbsup:
  12. Have only ever been to South West Four (Clapham Common) and to see Xzibit (Islington o2 - my mate was supporting) but whilst Pendulum were amazing, I just wish they had done it on the Islington sound system as the SW4 system was pants.

    Pendulum were amazing though - went with a friend of mine and she loved it too!
  13. Wow, what a night - Absolutely fecking brilliant :thumb up:
  14. Too many to mention but a few favourites were:

    Iron Maiden - Seventh Son tour Edinburgh Playhouse in Nov '88
    Clash of the Titans - Suicidal Tendencies, Testament, Megadeth and Slayer - Edinburgh '90
    Paul Weller - Heavy Soul - Edinburgh Playhouse July '98
    The Mars Volta - Glasgow Barrowland - Nov '03
    The Fantomas - Glasgow Garage - June '05 (I got to stand on balcony above Terry Bozzio playing drums for the whole gig - mind blowing)
    Faith No More - Edinburgh Corn Exchange - Aug '09
    Sonisphere 2011 - Big 4 of thrash - Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica - Knebworth - July 8th '11 - wish I'd stayed for the whole weekend and seen Slipknot on the Sunday :(
    Iron Maiden - Newcastle Metro - 23rd July '11 - very special as my 8 year old son's first ever gig.

    Oh and I've seen Zappa Plays Zappa twice and going again this Saturday - Dweezil is a genius on guitar!

    Hoping to go to Download at Donington next Summer for Metallica and Black Sabbath.
  15. Yeah I fancy Download....just for Sabbath. Saw them at NEC last tine they were all together and it was a riot
  16. Never seen them so would love to go. Waiting to see what Sonisphere come out with but I doubt they can top the Black album and Black Sabbath...
  17. Muse were awesome, but I LOVED Gorillaz in the Birmingham Irish Centre :rotfl:

    Was a warm-up for their mahooosive world tour, must've only been 500 of us, but the atmmosphere was electric, Damon Albarn is a bit of a god :oops:

    Another highlight was the hilarious Flight of the Conchords, who even got down and had a dance with lucky audience members!

    Hope to see the Foo's, Kasabian and a few others soon, once sufficent funds have been earnt!!
  18. I've managed to miss the Foos every time they've been in Scotland - need to correct that at some point!
  19. Channel 4 on Friday night showed an hours worth of The Prodigy gig from MK Bowl last year. Bought back great memories for me and really worth watching if you like them. Should be on 4OD if anyone wants to see it.
  20. Just got tickets for Coldplay at The Emirates Stadium on Friday 1st June :thumbsup: :skank:

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