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Beer/Wine/Spirit Bargains

Discussion in 'The Bargain Bin' started by Swayndo, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Nipped into Tesco at lunchtime and they have 500ml Erdinger at £1.35 and 750ml Leffe at £2.10. Bought some and will buy lots more at those prices ... cheapest I've ever seen. The missus bought me some new Leffe glasses so I'll be using one tonight :D
  2. Re: Beer Bargains

    Good shout Sway. Might have to pop in on the way home. Haven't had a Leffe in a while so might indulge.
  3. Re: Beer Bargains

    They had 3 for 2 on bottled beers in mine last night. Not the usual big bottles of Stella or Foster (they were 3 for £5) but Tsangao and ones like that. Leffe may have been in too! Got 3 crackers for a fiver…not even for me either!

    Also, in Tesco, 24 bottles of Magner (3 x 8 packs) is £21. Below £1 a bottle which is good enough.

    And, for bog standards (Strongbow, Carlsberg, Carling, etc), I think anything above 60p a can isn’t a deal ;) 50p is the proper price to aim for!
  4. Re: Beer Bargains

    Coolio ... they also had Erdinger Dunkel at £1.50. Bought 4 Blue Moon in Morrisons through the week for £4.50 too.

    Don't you just love beer :thumbsup:
  5. Re: Beer Bargains

    interesting... I just happen to drive past Tesco's on the way home :D
  6. Re: Beer Bargains

    changed to Announcement, defo worth its own thread!!
  7. 3 bottles 660ml beer/lager for £5 at Morrisons
  8. To be honest I thought beer deserved its own one :)

  9. Probs, but have to cater to those poofy wine drinkers ;)
  10. Wine is ass expensive over there. Beer is cheaper than soda in most places. Big change from over here. We tax the crap out of alcohol, but wine is usually cheaper per unit.
  11. damn, i paid £2.50 for a big bottle of leffe and thought that was a good offer! best get down tesco.

    Sainsburys have got Jamesons at £15 a bottle - for those who like their coffees Irish. :thumb up:
  12. Thread of the year?
  13. lol defo ... needs its own banner...

  14. Love it!

    The spirits war has started...somewhere has litre bottles for £15 (Sainsburys maybe?) and somewhere has them for £14. Think I'm going to wait for either a £13 or nudge in at £14 soon enough. Fair price for Smirnoff or Gordons.
  15. This thread will be snowballing in a few weeks with all the Crimble booze deals! Someone needs to make a banner!
  16. disaronno and jack daniels boys, need to get that shit cheap
  17. disaronno £12 at sainsburys.
  18. Got some for my cousins christmas pressie, may require a bottle myself :D
  19. Just thought, this could be useful:

    Latest HUKD Deals on:




    Might not pick up all deals if the keyword isnt used but good for a quick glance

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