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Battlefield Hardline PS4

Discussion in 'Battlefield' started by StealthZ, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. Anyone up for regularly playing a bit of battlefield hardline in need of a few members for a squad and just to properly play a few games. A mic would be preferred to play with.

    Add: ShaunMack1nnon
  2. I don't get on much but I'd be up for a few games next weekend?
  3. I'm on most nights for a quick piss about. I'm not into tournies etc but always up for sniping some twat
  4. Been meaning to jump back into this I've only got to about level 30 so happy to jump in next week or earlier if I get the chance for some shooting
  5. I'm game if others are on. Hopped on a couple of times in the past few nights. Enjoyed it.
  6. If anyone wants to hop on bfh for ps4, add me on PSN: drifterhawkk

    Always running with a party of Battlefielders and always open for others to join in!
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