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Battlefield Bad Company 2

Discussion in 'Battlefield' started by WolfCarnage, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. Just got this off the kids for fathers day this morning.

    Stuck the disk in and BANG, 1.7gb update needed. Ouch.

    I'll give it a go once it's finished.

    Anyone got it/played it?
  2. Re: Battlefield 2

    I love it for sniping. Jonaldo plays it too even though he not posted on hear yet. Come join us!
  3. Re: Battlefield 2

    Cheers for the run down on the controls baldy. And the short lived ride on the quad bike.

    What a huge game that is. I fancy getting a bit of game time in on this one. I really found it difficult to pin down people to shoot at. Looks a lot more real life than Blops.
  4. Re: Battlefield 2

    You still playing this Thrap? if so send us an request mate, this is the game I play most these days and I've had it since release ;)

    Anyone pre-ordering Battlefield 3?
  5. Re: Battlefield 2

    Excellent. I'll give you a shout when I see you on as I've only played this a couple of times and get the feeling I'll need a lot of help. The game seems a lot more tactical and real compared to COD.

    Have you put your name in the PSN ID exchange thread yet?
  6. Re: Battlefield 2

    I wonder if we might get a squad togeather.

    1. Baldeagle
    2. Carver
    3. Thrapwinkle

    It might help me get into the swing of things. I spent the first hour being amazed I could use a tank.
  7. Re: Battlefield 2

    This game really comes alive when you play as a squad :thumbsup:
  8. Re: Battlefield 2

    I'll try get jonaldo to play with us. He usually quite good.

    Soab doesn't even write on here atm.
  9. Re: Battlefield 2

    Do it do it do it. I'm itching to drive that quad bike again.
  10. Re: Battlefield 2

    If you need a fourth let me know.

    I've been itching to play with a proper squad. Played it solo for ages.
  11. Re: Battlefield 2

    Good man, I'm sure we can sort something out. I'll warn you now, I'm a complte novice.
  12. Re: Battlefield 2

    Are we on then?

    Friday night would be perfect for me, the Mrs is out I will be getting my beer on!
  13. Re: Battlefield 2

    I'm good for Friday if everyone else is. I've only got the basic maps guys. I'm gonna try and sort out a VIP code tomorrow.
  14. Re: Battlefield 2

    Can we get 4 for this tonight? What time if so.
  15. Re: Battlefield 2

    I'm a deffo, will be on from about 8.30 until I fall a slee ;)
  16. Re: Battlefield 2

    Keep an eye out for me. I don't get the telly til 22:00 when the other half has gone to bed. Usualy on til about 01:00 though.
  17. Re: Battlefield 2

    Will do mate, did you manage to get a VIP code?
  18. Re: Battlefield 2

    Not yet. I'm going to give EA a ring later. Apparently if you tell them you had the game and used the code on a previous machine but now have a new PS3 they will give you a free code. Worth a try.
  19. Re: Battlefield 2

    Like your style ;)
  20. Re: Battlefield 2

    Result. Phoned EA earlier and told them I got a copy of BBC2 but the VIP code didn't work and the dude just gave me a new one. No questions asked.

    I'll see you at 10pm

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