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Battlefield 4 - Part 3

Discussion in 'Battlefield' started by prison_inmate, Jan 22, 2014.

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  1. *mod edit* new thread created as part 2 went over 1000 posts.

    As this is a new thread, I would like remind the forum that Weaver is a poofter, I know this because he took me from behind last night but then again there's nothing new there
  2. that you get taken from behind or that it was weaver that did it ;) :rotfl:
  3. Re: Re: Battlefield 4 - Part 3

    The mods are all as gay as Weaver.
  4. I think you should come out of the closet inmate :hsfu: ;)
  5. Stop hiding your feelings behind childish insults, if you want to gobble my knob just say so.
  6. Damn, I have been found out. Are you online tonight Frankie, so we can flirt realtime?
  7. Has anything changed last few days, can't kill fuck all unless I get the rocket launcher out, 1v1's are dreadful
  8. *fixed* :hsfu:
  9. PM on it's way twat face :rotfl:
  10. Absolutely no desire to play Beta-field 4 at all.
  11. I played late afternoon and it was ok, except one moment on parcel force storm, see vid on facefook.

    Think its worse at night.
  12. I really want to enjoy this game, so i thought i'd try changing things up and having another go at sniping. I've got to admit it was quite fun, but still issues with hit detection and the like. I may be on tonight to have another go with a sniper rifle, though i doubt i'd enjoy doing that much on TDM.

    Found out something interesting earlier. All the times you rage because you've been shot by someone who you can see nothing of but they're head popping out over some cover......whilst bullets look like they're coming from the guns, they're actually coming from peoples heads.

  13. Eh??
  14. In..game..bullets..actually..come..from..the..soldiers..head..not..his..gun. Which is why you can be killed by people who shouldn't really be able to shoot you as only their head is popping out from behind cover.
  15. Seriously?! If so, that sucks monkey balls big time!!!! Crazy!!!!

  16. that cant be right surely
  17. [/youtube]

    Skip to 0:50.

    Normally i'd not take someone i don't personally know at their word when stating something like that, but LevelCap seems to have a lot of inside knowledge and has worked with DICE.
    #17 Shadow Weaver, Jan 22, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 7, 2014
  18. It's called clipping. It's been like that in a cod for years.
  19. Shit then i must be a really crap shot cause when i do that i hit the wall!
  20. Is it not only when ADSing? That's what I had assumed Levelcap was on about when I watched that. I do it on Dawnbreaker TDM.

    Anyway, who is on tonight and do I need to watch my back?
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