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Battlefield 4 - Part 2

Discussion in 'Battlefield' started by prison_inmate, Nov 7, 2013.

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  1. *mod edit* created a new thread as the old one reached 1000 posts. starting off with prisons previous post to get thread started.

    anyone about to jump in? im bored.
  2. Re: Battlefield 4

    Sure something's not right with the servers...

    Yesterday afternoon and last night, and then again this afternoon...'no servers found'?

    My criteria was: TDM, any map, 1-5 spare slots, normal mode, official server, Europe = no servers. Added Domination to the search this afternoon and it found 3 servers!

  3. Re: Re: Battlefield 4

    I would but I'd miss my bus into the big city. Might jump on when I come in pished :)
  4. EA shutting down the official servers already? That didn't take them long...
  5. Single player campaign was pretty pants imo but ha ho
  6. **WARNING** Dont apply the Indirect Fire or Perimeter Defense squad perk to the support class, it causes instant freezes at spawn, as I just found out. Sadly i didn't realize this was the cause (only found out after reading the battlelog forums) and thought my install was corrupted, so deleted and now redownloading the game agin.

    you have been warned!!
  7. Oops!
  8. All sorted and removed the class from the loadout, ready to rock'n'roll tonight.

    I also didnt realize you have to manually activate the XP boosts from the ingame menu (doh!!), so will burn through some of them tonight with the aim of unlocking C4 for the support weasel :thumb:
  9. Aye someone showed me last night. I have 7 XP boosts sitting waiting. May need to be shown again tho :?

    Think I'll work on Recon and Support. I've mainly been Engi and Assault.
  10. Someone eh? *grumble grumble*

    In the start menu hit square, that'll bring up the list of available boosts.
  11. Weaver - did you know before I messaged you yesterday?
  12. About the upgrade path glitch? No.

    Swayndoll was saying i showed him how to activate the boosts, not about the glitch.
  13. I thought I mentioned the boosts last night too, maybe not. Was in a bit of strop over the game fucking up on me.

    BTW Shop-To now have bundles for launch (and are offering credit :thumb: )
  14. If anyone is interested. Battlefield 4 trade in has just appeared on Amazon.co.uk, so you can now trade in your current gen for next gen.
    I'm sending mine off on monday.
  15. I'll be on this tonight so you boys can show me the best spots on the maps. Had a couple of games yesterday and played Floodzone thingy. Bit weird that, enjoyed the rooftops but in the water was just strange. Couldn't get my bearings at all.
  16. See you tonight Wolfie
  17. This bugger ere seems to be implyin that we's a bunch a campers. Bleddy nerve of it!
  18. I'll be on Brokenfield 4 tonight. Who fancies a couple of Defuse games?
  19. Me.

    Shadow, stop grumbling ... I was half pished.
  20. Me too if there's room when I get on. Need to rank up a bit and get some unlocks for the carbine.
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