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Battlefield 3 - PC

Discussion in 'Battlefield' started by Pinky Floyd, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Hello chaps! I couldn't find any details or threads in relation to this, but Swayndo assures me some of you guys are playing this on PC, so wondered if anyone would like to share their Origin ID's and get some games on the go?

    I'm able to game much easier on the PC these days as the consoles are in the living room and the TV is often in use.

    My Origin name is Pinky_Floyd_UK. Usually use the Teamspeak server over on AVForums for voice chat but am sure can use other alternatives that suit folk better.
  2. if theres a bargain price for BF3 I might pick it up, just cause I want to try it on PC at least once!
  3. i'll prob get this, even though im tired of it on the ps3, id like to see the difference on pc.

  4. EXACTLY how I feel on it mate. I wouldnt bother with maps or premium though, just the basic to try
  5. I played in on PC in the Beta. Very very good but PC wasn't really good enough standard to bother buying it. Am in similar boat to you Pinky, sometimes the PC is just more convenient in the office to use. Think my Origin id is either Clumsy or Clumsy72.
  6. Well the differences are basically that the game looks a lot better and can be run at a higher framerate. You should see it running on Ultra graphics at 60fps and above, looks amazing :)

    The other main difference is 64 man servers, which as you might expect, is a lot of fun :thumbsup:
  7. Like OB, i would have a cheeky punt at the right price, but i hated the PS3 game, but might be inlcined to try on the PC.
  8. My PC is coming tomorrow so BF3 will be on it either Wed/Thurs night :)
  9. Oops forgot to update this thread. I'm on it!

    Not played much at all, just a couple of games. Need to get controls sorted. I can either play on 360 pad OR I have a Logitech G13 I need to set buttons up on
  10. I've been using a keyboard and mouse for months on PS3 so I'm hoping it will be an easy transition :)

    Bf3 on Origin is £10 as well :D extra happy now
  11. fuk me im buying it then!!! YES!!!!!
  12. what pc you got ill?
  13. I5 3550k nvidia 660ti 2gb graphics card 8 GB ram with 1TB hd
  14. nice!! practically the same as mine then!

    just ordered BF3, downloading now!
  15. Wow, will grab this if its only a tenner!
  16. Risk I'll be back on pc soon mate, been moving my room around to fit my lizard and it's 4ft viv :p

    That's a good deal for BF3 it cost me £35, see you online soon
  17. got mine free with Sim City! Woop woop
  18. geez this is taking FOR EVER!!! 4.5 hours to go :(
  19. Hope it don't take that long fore to download. Then again I still need to install windows and stuff so could take a while any ways lol
  20. left it running this morn whilst at work. finishing at lunchtime today so should be done by then. on virgin 20mb broadband getting 1.4 DL speed tho when left this morn was @ 700kbs with 8 hour estimated. cant remember file size was tempted with premium but just got standard since got premium on ps3 and only wanted a cheap copy to see the difference. might at a later date purchase b2k tho. overclocked gpu last night to help maybe get a few extra FPS.

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