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Battlefield 1

Discussion in 'Battlefield' started by Shadow Weaver, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. surely typo ww1 was trench warfare with limited guns etc.

    WW2 has more variety and its been a while since we had the ww2 setting and next gen so wouldnt mind it tbh.

    I prefer something like the gulf or vietnam era though bfv and DC mod where best especially for flying, u could own in helis and it was fun u could stay alive for ages.

    Whereas in the latest ones the anti air is OTT and OP so its hard to even stay alive long in any kind of flight vehicle, with the non stop missle lock ons etc. Thats my major gripe with the newest versions.....They need to make helis a feared thing again...
  2. You would bitch and moan about the fucking game whatever era it was set in.
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  3. I enjoyed cod: World at war in both sp and mp, with all the future stuff being released a trip back in time would be a welcome change.

    It's something it might convert (some) cod fans to Battlefield if it did due to the setting.
  4. True, but I'll bitch and moan even more in a WWI setting mother fucker.
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  5. Makes no sense. Battlefield Vietnam was awesome, the Vietnam bc2 DLC was awesome.

    Bring back Nam ffs its got everything needed, weapons, location, choppers, tanks, bikes, cars and a fucking awesome variety of music
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  6. Maybe they should just take the BF franchise into reverse? Every other game is in a race to modern/future times... stuff it, go backwards there is plenty of crazy shit to run around as and shoot guns/arrows at! BF Viking Invaders anyone? :D
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  7. Battlefield on the 6th and I think cod on the 3rd will be an interesting two days
  8. "Chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen said it planned to have a new shooter yearly, and would followup Star Wars Battlefront with a Battlefield."

    That bit made me sad. It's not going to be a huge change, they're going squarely for the cash grab by doing an annual 'FIFA' with the IP.

  9. You say this but....


    So kind of thinking what are they going to do here. I was expecting (like most) standard military setting or the rumoured WW1/2. Now I'm thinking BF2142 but then would that be a huge shock as people have expected it for years to be remade?

    Gonna go out on a limb and guess. We've had cops and robbers so now it's Cowboys and Indians turn :laugh:

    Seriously...fingers crossed for Nam
  10. Nam would be cool, but BF:BC3 would be buttfucking awesome. Can't see it happening though.
  11. I'm looking forward to the reveal although I probably won't enjoy the game until 2017.
  12. No future shit please, if they make it so you can jump 50 foot in the air I'm gonna put them in a room with Lordofgames for 4 hours and tell him to explain the offside rule to them.
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  13. Battlefield 5 day, whoop whoop!
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  14. You should have learnt by now, you are only setting yourself up for disappointment ;)

    Possible leak of game art on the Xbox Dashboard.

    Plus a cryptic message from an ex DICE devoper

    This all seems to point towards an alternate universe WW1 game, or it could all be made up. We will find out tonight
  15. Yeah, you're right, can't help myself though.

    And I will indeed be dissapointed if it's a WW1 setting, though an alternate universe WW1 could alleviate that a bit.
  16. I hope they stay clear of futuristic shit. A normal shooter would be awesome.

    If they have done a WW1 shooter it could kill those kickstarter ones we've seen announced this year as people may go with a tried and tested game
  17. Tried and tested game lol There's been beta's for all the battlefields and it still gets released a glitchy mess.. Tried and tested... After 2/3 firmware updates and most have moved onto other things to take away the stress levels.. :p
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  18. I acknowledge the release thing. How many games get released without bugs (even those with betas) in the current day - not many

    bf4 was released 2.5 years ago and still has quite a substantial player base hence my tried and tested statement haha
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