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Battlefield 1 - Roll Call

Discussion in 'Battlefield' started by Riddler_Tam, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]
    Due for release in 8 days or 5 days if you paid for early access.

    Who is all getting it, names, ID and hardware preference please, see about getting a few teams together for some pub stomping.

    1. Log -
    2. Wicksy - PSN: Wicksy__
    3. Brunty - PSN: brunty135
    4. Andy_x - PSN: Capt_Darling
    5. SwordandHammer - PSN:TBA
    6. Bartell - PSN: Bartell_
    7. Sparky2005 - PSN: sparky2005
    8. Eaglewoflenstein - PSN: Eaglewoflenstein
    9. prison_inmate - PSN: US_Prison_Inmate
    10. Swayndo - PSN: Swayndo
    11. Keeno - PSN: keeno37
    12. Wario - PSN: WARIO1975
    13. oYOUSERo - PSN: oYOUSERo
    14. RobbieBrewis - PSN: RobbieBrewis
    15. Xipie - PSN: Xipie
    16. Dean - PSN: deanomcfee91
    17. Realale - PSN: realale44
    18. Roberto - PSN: BigRoberto
    19. Paulusj93 - PSN: PaulusJ
    20. ODB - PSN (Not Submitted yet)
    21. runcorn - PSN: R-Demerzel
    22. darren1978 - PSN: AllThatDaz
    23. Satf01 - PSN:Satf01
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  2. Just when I thought I needed even more of a reason NOT to get this than I already do...
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  3. You buying on PC or PS4?
  4. ps4 might get pc later
  5. Wicksy - PSN: Wicksy__ - PS4
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  6. Brunty - PSN: brunty135 - PS4
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  7. I'm abstaining.

    You need skill for this game. I'm out.
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  8. I'm in. PS4 (PSN: Capt_Darling [I picked my PSN name for this very game])

    PS. I'm not very good.
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  9. its a case of the more you play the better you get, doh. Breaks with no play can hit you hard to..

    But its hard to put the time in day after day to continually be good, for me at least, so many games.....And fps not in my priority to play every day
  10. @Registered come on then whos getting this, get your names down. we get plenty of names we can go a game night for this, not sure if it has but maybe some one can tell me we can do private lobby with us all in and rotate game modes and teams. should be a laugh.
  11. I'll be getting this
  12. nice one, post up your platform and PSN Name / Gametag and will add to post 1 for you
  13. I wasn't going to. I blame you all. Getting it now and should be today.

    Getting it on PS4 to start with PSN ID is Bartell_
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  14. Ive been playing this on XB1 EA ACCESS
    I was going to pick up a copy, wasn't sure on what platform, but thinking PS4
    PSN sparky2005
    XB1 sparky27809
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  15. Ive got it.

    PSN: Eaglewoflenstein
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  16. Also need to up the numbers in the platoon. - get into that too chaps. Think it's @ODB that controls it. I could be wrong.
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  17. Me and Swayndo are in..I will be US Prison Inmate as we are gamesharing.
  18. The Telegram chat?

    Loads of admins on there as well Inc yourself but anyone can add someone to it
  19. think he means battle log platton

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