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Audio Visual set ups.

Discussion in 'Gadgets/Tech' started by WolfCarnage, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. I was wondering what AV equipment you all use with your PS3.

    I was a Hi-Fi geek before I got my PS3 and had an Arcam Alpha 8 bi-amp set up with Marantz CD67SE and Kef Q35 speakers. I ran a Yamaha DSP-E800 for my surrond sound.

    The missus said it was too much gear in the front room so I sold it all and went for an AV receiver instead.

    I now run an Onkyo TX-SR605 with the Kef Q35 floorstanders, Q95C, Wharfedale Diamond SW150 Sub and a couple of Kef 2005.1 for the rears. The PS3 for my blurays and the sky+HD for regular tv.

    TV is a Panasonic 42" PX70 series plasma.


    Wot u lot got?
  2. Well got a 50" Panasonic Plasma downstairs going through an Onkyo amp and speaker set. Got a 46" Sammy LED going through a Sammy Amp and speaker set. Waiting on the new PS3's to be released and then I'll be getting another for upstairs so I can game anywhere

    Cant remember ANY of the model numbers TBH
  3. Nice set-up there Thrap!

    Like you I was abit of a hi-fi buff before the days of my PS3. Back in the day I had Samsung 28" CRT hooked up to a JVC all-in-one surround setup and Sky+. Since then I've upgraded over the years and now have:

    Onkyo TX-SR605 amp
    Wharfedale Diamond 9.4 floorstanders
    Wharfedale Diamond 9.cc centre
    Tannoy SFX 5.1 rears (only because they are small - I want the matching 9.1 Wharfedales but the Mrs is having none of it!)
    Tannoy sub (want the Wharfedale SW-150 like yours really)
    Sky+ HD
    PS3 (& Move)
    Wii (& Wiifit)
    HTPC with bluray/HD-DVD drive and 2.5TB HDD for films and general PC stuff)
    LG 40" 5 Series 1080p LED TV

    Also got a LCD TV upstairs with a Sony BDP-360 bluray and a Sky magic-eye from the sky box downstairs.

    I'll try and post a pic up later when I get home from work.
  4. That Onkyo reciever is a cracker isn't it. Although it only has 2 HDMI inputs I can't see myself ever needing more seeing as I use my PS3 for everything. Handy piece of kit.
  5. You lot have too much money!
  6. Yeah it is. Only thing it doesn't have is 3D, which I have no need for anyway at the moment.

    Got a few HDMI things plugged into it (sky, PS3 and HTPC) but use a cheap HDMI auto switcher which works a treat and is all hidden away. Have been tempted to upgrade but would need to shell out alot to really see any improvements (although the new 609 looks sweet!).

    Plus it saves on heating bills as it runs hot as the sun! :lol:
  7. My glass shelf above the amp gets a bit warm yes. I've though about upgrading it but can't see any real benefits yet. The only thing I really wanted was a sub and I got the SW150 a couple months ago. Well pleased with it so far. Had a great time setting it up.

    You should see Roberto's set up he had in his garage. I'll get him to post the pics on here. It was awsomedawson.
  8. Yeah that's the sub I want at some point. Is yours black? I ideally want the beech version to match my speakers but can't find one anywhere.

    Looking forward to seeing Roberto's. It's like lookin at the setups on AVF. Makes me drool with envy!
  9. My sub is black yeah. Picked it up from SuperFi for £150.

    Would have liked the beech one but at the price I couldn't say no. Great sub.
  10. Completely forgot about that. Can we merge the two? Or shall I delete the posts and just repost?
  11. We can merge the two mate
  12. A couple of pics of my set-up.

    Doors closed:

    DSC_0965 by Hooblue1, on Flickr

    Doors open:

    DSC_0967 by Hooblue1, on Flickr

    DTS-HD Master Audio loveliness from the HTPC...

    DSC_0973 by Hooblue1, on Flickr

    XBMC home screen on HTPC:

    DSC_0977 by Hooblue1, on Flickr

    I've also got lights light strips behind the back panel that give quite a cool affect when watching at night.
  13. Very nice Hooblue - where did you get that TV unit?
  14. It's from Ikea mate. I think it's a Benno or something.

    I wanted to wall mount the TV but the Mrs didn't want me drilling holes in the wall ( :wallbash: ) so this was a compromise as it comes with a reinforced back board where you 'wall' mount the TV on. The bottom bits are actually draws for dvd's etc, but they are just the right size for the amp and PS3 etc so I took the bottom and back off the draws so they still close with the kit inside.
  15. Ah ok, there's a similar one in Argos that I've been considering, but wanted to know whether the build quality was up to scratch. Didn't realise that it had it's own back board...

    Looks nice though, but it's no good for me as my tele will be by the wall with the window :lol:
  16. I'm looking at a sub (used but apparently in great condition) that ends this evening on eBay - should get it for around £150 but the only issue is that it's in Eastbourne, so will have to ask one of my friends politely if they fancy a road trip at the weekend to go and pick it up.

    If not then I'll be on the train with it - fun times :roll:
  17. Cool mate. What sub is it? (don't worry, I'm not going to steal it off you! :lol: ).
  18. Haha!

    It's a Mordaunt Short 309i - I have a pair of Avant 902i (I did have a picture in the old thread) that I've had for a couple of years now. Can't really afford to upgrade them now that I'm going to be renting so I've decided to just build on what I've got. From what I've read it's a beast of a sub so I'm looking forward to it - providing I win of course :lol:
  19. Lovely sub that is lefty.

    Remember though that a sub is there to be subtle 90% of the time and is better used to enhance your overall sound field than just booming out the low stuff.

    I've got mine set just about perfectly now and it fills all the gaps inbetween the rears especialy. Can't believe I waited this long to get one.

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