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Achievements & Trophies Thread

Discussion in 'General Game / Hardware Discussion' started by fozzeh, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. Platinum 72 castaway paradise also managed to get in the top 25 in the EU.

    Always said I'd like animal crossing to have a platinum and this is as close as it'll get.

    Nothing tough but grindy as it has to be played live, unless you want to doc brown and change dates to get what you want.

    Won't be deleting as I've got the animal crossing style seasonal changes to look forward to, I'll grow fruit trees and flowers over the islands and tend to rubbish and weeds everyday.
  2. Long time but plat 134

    Word search
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  3. Platinum 73, nightmares from the deep, another title like enigmatis, expert run done with no walkthrough, mop up on regular.
  4. Think my last update was RE7.

    Since then I have done:
    Snoopy (yawn)
    Sega Mega Drive Classic (ok)
    Arkham City (just as good)
    WWII (not bad for a CoD but zombie trophies...shit a brick!)

    Currently working on Far Cry 5
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  5. Platinum 74 grim legends: the forsaken bride.
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  6. Platinum 75 nightmares from the deep 2: the sirens call.

    My 4th artifex mundi platinum might surpass my tally from telltale, maybe not lego though:rofl:
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  7. Platinum 76 enigmatis 2: the mists of raven wood.

    5th and final artifex mundi title.. For now
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  8. Plat 135

    Little adventure on the prairie

    £1.29 on the store

    25 min plat but could b done in less
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  9. Platinum number 77 powgi word sudoku.
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  10. Plat 136

    Need for speed payback

    Plat 137

    Word sudoku

    Plat 138

    Super destronaut dx
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  11. Fifa can fuck right off.

    So moving onto TWD Michonne for a little bit, then NFS Payback....may get around to finishing HZD but, baby due soon, so not sure on that one!
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  12. I'm currently playing Marvel's Spider-Man and loving it, thankfully the combat is easier than Batman :clap:

    Game's platted since last update:
    123 Tearaway Unfolded - PS4
    124 Wordsearch - Vita
    125 Wordsearch - PS4
    126 Tetra's Escape - Vita
    127 Tetra's Escape - PS4
    128 Lego Batman 3 - Vita
    129 That's You - PS4
    130 Saints Row IV - PS3
    131 Demetrios - PS4
    132 Little Adventure - PS4
    133 Late Shift - PS4
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  13. Plat 139

    Jak N Jill DX

    Plat 140

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  14. Spider-Man done...loved it!

    Got Lara Croft GO to work on...but before BFV? Nah!
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  15. Plat 141

    All-star fruit racing. Thanks for the help with online trophies @Riddler_Tam

    Plat 142

    Tetras way

    Plat 143

    Squareboy vs Bullies
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  16. 134 Lego Star Wars (Vita)
    135 Spider Man
    136 FullBlast (Vita)
    137 FullBlast
    138 FullBlast (NA)
    139 Midnight Deluxe (NA)
    140 Tetras Escape (NA)

    FullBlast was great, an old skool style sh’mup.

    Not sure what to play next, fancy a FPS but nothing with an online. Might do Wolfenstein The New Order on the PS3 (already done the PS4 version) or maybe Sleeping Dogs for PS4.
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  17. I've finished HZD finally...and done Batman Enemy Within and Guardians of the Galaxy so onto something bigger.

    Got Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, Crash, NFS Payback and GoW to crack on with!
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  18. Platinum number 78 powgi wordsearch, grind to finish 324 puzzles glad it's over
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  19. Thank feck for that :D
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  20. Few plats since last time

    144 Pic-a-pix color
    145 One word by POWGI
    146 Cars 3
    147 Road Rage
    148 Suicide Guy Sleepin Deeply
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