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Achievements & Trophies Thread

Discussion in 'General Game / Hardware Discussion' started by fozzeh, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. I've had a pretty quiet year so far -
    103 CoD: MWR
    104 CoD: W@W it's only taken me 6 years and 9 months to complete lol.

    I'm working on R&C HD on the Vita and I'm trying to build myself to go back and do NG+ UH on HZD.
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  2. 100% trophies on soma, nice little game, great atmosphere and story.
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  3. Platinum trophy on the late shift my 60th overall, nice little game for the milestone enjoyed it quite a bit.
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  4. 105 Ratchet and Clank HD (Vita)

    Working on HZD NG+ on UH.
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  5. How are you finding it, I want to but been unsure if I want the hassle lol
  6. The good news is you keep all everything from the first playthrough.
    The machines are tougher, I suffered quite a bit of damage from one of those deer things with the blaze cannisters on their back. Previosuly they'd run a mile but now they are aggressive.

    I'm doing NG+ UH to get back to 100% completion, I am enjoying the game again but I am trying to learn to be more cautious and I'm having to make use of the protection potions which I rarely touched in my first playthrough.

    You only have to complete the main missions, so it will be quicker to get through the game this time.

    If you like the world of HZD and are prepared for the battles to be harder then go for it. If you're not fussed then don't :)

    P.S. The weapons from The Frozen Wilds are handy as they are stronger, I've read you can get through it using these rather than spending a fortune on the Adept weapons.
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  7. Platinum 61, midnight deluxe from the same developers as 36 fragments of midnight.

    neat little game plays similar to tennis in the face nothing to taxing.

    also enjoyed the main titles symphony from Erik satie called gymnopedies a nice musical piece.
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  8. Plat 126

    WWE 2K18

    And to think I was done when I got my 100th plat with WWE 2K17 :LOL:
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  9. That's HZD 100%.

    NG+ took about 14 hours with skipping all dialogue and cut-scenes. You can avoid most fights, just call your horsey and gallop away :D
  10. 100% on the park, creepy as fuck in the closing section of the game, had a few jump scares.. I didn't scream :rolleyes:
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