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Achievements & Trophies Thread

Discussion in 'General Game / Hardware Discussion' started by fozzeh, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. Continued :D

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  2. I was going to do half an hour at 7 and half an hour at 10…so an hour!

    I did 50 mins at 7 and about 90 mins at half 10 (2 and a quarter)! It grabs you. Time slips away. I’m now up to C7 of E3 so about 6 hours left!

    I saved Carley in the shop…and I was going to bang her…but she got her face blown the fuck off! Brutal moment. Left the bitch behind too.

    Just put one into Duck too after his mum committed suicide. That was brutal too (I actually felt quite emotionless about doing it…poor kid needed to be put out of his misery).

    Taught Clem to shoot and cut her hair. Oh, and that spotty **** was the supplier. Killing him soon if I can. Just on the train and about to start the chapter where there is half a tanker dangling down in front of me.
  3. Going for the Fifa 14 plat on 45% now and done the game of the week on legendary just trying to get my 15% pro accomplishments which is hard on drop in games
  4. im sure if me brunty and dan are on one night we can do some pro games if you like, that way you can choose your position to get the 15% quickly
  5. Nice one mate been meaning to play pro with you guys for a while I'm just shit but suppose if I go striker I might get the accomplishments quick
  6. dont worry mate we are all shit anyway lol
  7. Think I set myself up and played as an ACM for my Pro. You unlock more if you play in the right position and hit more of the accomplishments for the position quicker. Managed to get a few good assists, knock a couple in and actually get possession of the ball…and that was with randoms! With a couple of you…you should know what to do. Should being the key word ;)

    For me, I’ve nearly done E4 for TWD. Have another good splash last night (about 2 hours in total).

    Got into the school at Crawford…didn’t know what to expect; guards or not…turns out the ‘not’ was right! Just about to go get some battery goodness for the boat! Need to find out who that bloke is running around on the walkie.
  8. Number 44 with TWD. Loved it. Slightly pissed off with the end and such…but that’s because it was left open and wanting more (same with the TV series). Think I will buy the Season Pass for S2 when it comes out and is on sale…and 400 Days when that has a price drop.

    I think the last chapter was a bit rushed. It only took me 2 hours (or less) to do it with pretty much full immersion. I chopped my arm off…yet I can still jump across buildings and use my freshly cut stump to pull myself up. I asked Clem to kill me so she didn’t have to live with the worry that I would be a monster just handcuffed to a radiator! I didn’t want Lee to die but I suppose it was quite poetic that he did; he set out to do what he did and saved Clem. Ben was a bit of a twat…Omid and Christa should be good at looking after Clem

    S2 spoiler

    I found out Kenny survives! Kind of pleased about that…

    Now for some blasting around Redview County! Hoping the DSS works nicely and is processed well on this game.
  9. 25% done on Rivals now in about 8 hours. May blitz out the Racer side, have a break and do some TLoU and go do the cop side.

    Did the last race on Racer…28 mile bastard which is the whole edge of the map. Need to keep dipping into repair stations and took me about 3 attempts to do (so about 50 minutes for the one race…). Need to mop up all the other speed lists (which won’t take long now my car is a hard bastard) and get a few more gold medals and done.

    Is it as good as Most Wanted? Not sure. Better than Hot Pursuit for me (which was good but didn’t hold me). I think MW was more fun and the parties we had were pretty epic.
  10. Thought I was doing well on Infamous Second Son but looked the other night and I need loads more. Most of them involve doing the game again which is what I was planning on doing any way but some are harder than they sound. Need to do one but I think it will involve restarting then doing it as I have cleared all the enemies and I need 3 to do it.
  11. Winter...The Last Of Us...Survivor Plus...FML!

    Took me an absolute age to get past the bit where you get the antibiotics and the next bit where you try get to the big building...proper testing considering the lack of ammo and lack of health.
  12. Sync, sync, sync!!!

    Just done my TLOU run and finished...glitch worked! Survivor+ registered from that restarting usage so one more play through on easy for collectibles using guide and everything else. VERY pleased it works as it would have been another play through to add to it at around 15 hours!

    Can't wait for it to be honest. You forget so much in the game and using a guide will be good to find everything I have missed using a walk through. Then the MP.
  13. Looked at my times for TLoU; first run was about 13 hours but the Survivor+ took 15 hours! Even with it being familiar, 2 hours longer! Ouch! I read some people took 24 hours on their first play through…how, I do not know!

    Anyway, 31% of my speed run done in 2 hours 43 mins (puts the final run at about 9 hours). Even though I’d just finished it, I could pick it up again straight away. Not many games can do that…even for a trophy hunter on their third run!
    Carrying more than enough ammo and equipment on easy. 51 collectibles done (I think) which is more than half of what I had last time! Need to just remember to keep collecting all of the cog things so I can upgrade my weapons. Just got the Bill’s house so going to grab the shotgun!

    Also, playing it late at night made it creep into my dreams. Was some great texture mapping in my head…I did, however, have Michonne from TWD as my sidekick along with Ellie…and only I could dream about:
    - Missing a collectible and having to go back for it and Ellie moaning at me
    - Worrying (as Joel) which PSN ID I was signed in on!

    I mean WTF!
  14. Done! All collectibles done so onto the MP now.

    Got all 141 collectibles but it didn't pop for the Artefacts! The one where you collect everything (including artefacts) popped...but not the individual one. It shows that the big trophy did count across every play through but the individual ones didn't. Glad I did a full run for it or I would have been pissed if it didn't work.
  15. Going to take a little time this one. Each match can take up to 10 minutes. Load time between matches is 3 minutes. You need to get through 12 weeks. If you played every game, it’d be 1,092 minutes…18 hours…doubled as you need to play both factions.

    However, you can basically play one, then enter the next 3 or 4 matches then quit out. It counts as a day gone by and your clan will just get weak and die. If you can get into the single figures with people being ill and not dead, you play another match, don’t quit and you only need to get about 1 kill in the whole thing. Do this, boost numbers back up, repeat. Only ones you have to play is where you’re under attack and you clan is given a 100% wipe out rate! Play those three days with a set objective (mine is currently spot 7 enemies to ensure they don’t all die…will only lose 20% if I spot 21 and did 13 in one round (got 2 more)).

    So, 25% done in about 4.5 hours…looking at around 20 hours so going to do the first faction I chose (Fireflies) then have a pop at something else. Gameplay is ok…4v4, have to stick together or you will perish, very tactical.
  16. Taken a rest from TLoU to do some NFS. Enjoying it...seem to be zipping through now I'm used to the cars a lot better.

    Still, not as good as MW.
  17. Popped 6 trophies last night including 3 silvers and 2 golds’. Winning 100 races came a lot sooner than expected…somehow managed to get 64 from the 68 available for racer and only half way through the cops side! Reached rank 40 also from rank 20 the night before; quite a lot of the levels take about 5 minutes with a bit of planning. Would have got further if I did have to “Drive 50 cumulative minutes in any Ford then enter garage” along with “Get 50 seconds of air time in any Ford car”…when you go from an Aventador to a very slow Ford, it drags a little!

    Souped up my Veyron so blasting that tonight and should have a Friday night plat! Then…I may load up Skylanders or finish Ghosts!
  18. Jumped in the Veyron, jumped straight back out! Handling was worse than in MW (and in MW you could tweak things at least!) so just stuck with the Aventador.

    Had 5 races to do last night and took me ages…mainly because I was watching MOTD at the same time. But anyway, plat 45 came with ease! :D
  19. Been playing Lego the hobbit hoping to get the platinum I've done the story now I'm doing collectibles on free play and ive just received south park the stick of truth
  20. Can really see why kids get addicted to Skylanders...

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